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Netflix and VPN

How do you know for sure that it’s legal to use a VPN and watch Netflix in another country!

The answer to that is legal in nature. Whether a series or movie is available in a particular country has to do with broadcast rights. For example, Netflix bought broadcast rights of the movie ‘X’ and thus has permission to show it only in the United States. If Netflix wants to make this movie also available for Dutch viewers, they will have to buy extra broadcast rights and that is often very expensive. When you log into Netflix they see a Dutch IP address and you automatically get to see the Dutch offerings. So as a Dutch person you can’t see film ‘X’. You can get around this with a VPN connection. With a VPN you can access any Netflix version, including the code promo NordVPN @

Is it legal to watch the American Netflix with a VPN?

With a VPN, you provide a secure internet connection. Many people use a VPN connection for their privacy, as your data is sent through an encrypted tunnel. It keeps hackers and criminals out and you are freer on the Internet: you can access websites that you normally would not have access to. In addition, your IP address and location are no longer visible and that is exactly what Netflix is all about. They determine which movies and series you can access based on your location. So with a VPN connection you can bypass these geographical blocks and yes, this is perfectly legal. So you don’t have to worry about whether you’re doing something you’re not supposed to nordvpn ücretsiz.

How do I watch Netflix with a VPN connection?

You get a VPN connection by subscribing to a provider, such as VPN Europe. Then you download the VPN software, this can be done on multiple devices. So whether you want to watch American Netflix via your laptop, tablet or smartphone, the software can be downloaded on any device. Open the program on your laptop (or the app on your tablet/smartphone) and choose a server location. So in this example you choose the United States. Now you’re almost there, all you have to do now is open Netflix and you’ll have access to the American offerings. Would you rather watch the Spanish or German Netflix? Of course you can. If you change the server location you can access almost any version with the najlepszy vpn @ Globalwatchonline