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What are the main factors you should look for when you are picking out a blender, a few tips in this handy article

There are quite a few things to consider when picking out a blender. We’ll help you get started, so you can have the right blender for you.

  • Would you like to take smoothies with you on the go?
  • Would you like to take hard ingredients with you?
  • Would you like to blend hard ingredients such as nuts or ice cubes?
  • Do you think preservation of vitamins is important?
  • Would you also like to make soup with your blender?
  • Would you like to create recipes from an app with the blender?

Do you use the blender mainly for making smoothies and are you often on the go? Then we recommend a blender to go. The blender cup also serves as a drinking cup. After blending you simply screw the lid on the cup and you are off with your fresh smoothie. A blender to go works very simply. You fill the mixing cup with ingredients and turn it on the blender. By keeping the cup pressed, the blender starts mixing just as you were expecting after reading the review about the Vitamix 7500 Vs 750.

Smoothie maker

A smoothie maker is suitable for when you want to make an occasional smoothie or dip. smoothie makers usually have a large pouring jug. This is made of plastic or glass. In it you can make large quantities simultaneously. Think carefully about the ingredients you want to blend with your blender, because a smoothie maker is not always suitable for ice cream crushing or for hot ingredients.

Vacuum blender

Do you like to make healthy smoothies, with lots of vitamins and an even structure? Then a vacuum blender is the perfect solution. With this blender you can blend fruit and vegetables without air getting in. This prevents the ingredients from oxidizing and losing their vitamins and minerals. The vacuum blender first sucks all the air out of the jar before it starts blending. The ingredients stretch a little as a result. This makes cutting easier and more even. Also, the smoothie stays fresh longer, the color and structure persists longer.

Soup maker

Do you use the blender only for making soups? Then we recommend a soup maker. Fill the blender with cold ingredients and within 30 minutes a hot soup will be ready. The soup makers have a cooking element that cooks the soup while pureeing. Some soup makers have a double walled jug. This allows the soup to stay hot longer when you put the jug on the table.

Smart blender

A smart blender has a built-in bluetooth connection. This allows you to operate the blender from a distance with your smartphone. By downloading the corresponding app, you can easily choose from various programs, for example to make smoothies, peanut butter or spreads. Follow the recipe via your smartphone or tablet and add the right ingredients yourself. The blender then provides the desired end result.